Does your dog like to SNIFF?

Turn your dog’s favourite pastime into your favourite hobby.

All dogs love to sniff; they have their noses glued to the ground at every available opportunity. Where we may check the Internet or read a newspaper to find out what has been happening, dogs use their noses to gain a huge insight into their environment – which other dogs have passed through, other animals, humans. How long they were there and what they did. They piece together all this information through a scent picture. The tiniest amount of scent can give them the low down.

We have known about a dogs natural scenting ability for years and many people know that dogs have been used to detect drugs, firearms, missing people, diabetes, and cancers to name but a few.

But, did you know that you can harness this natural ability, have fun, build confidence and improve your relationship with your own dog?

Talking Dogs Scentwork® are a series of fun, interactive workshops for you and your dog, teaching them to search for a specific scent. Learn about the Scent picture and then use these new found skills to have a more adventurous walk, get your dog to be more attentive, improve recall and above all, just have fun.

Oh yes, and did we mention scentwork is very tiring in a short space of time? So when the British weather is in full swing and your waterproofs have not dried from the morning walk, then 10 minutes of scentwork in the living room, you will have a mentally stimulated dog and dry feet!

Do you have the next detector dog? What are you waiting for?  Come and join us and start sniffing.