Calling all Reactive Dogs

Often reactive dogs and their handlers are excluded from participating in workshops because of their very nature, ie they are reactive. Working with canine behaviorist Clair Hickson of Talk to The Paw we have teamed up to offer you this fantastic opportunity to work with your reactive dog in a safe and controlled environment and […]

At what age can a dog start Scentwork?

We are often asked how old a dog has to be to start Scentwork. The sense of smell is the first sense to develop in puppies. Long before their eyes and ears open, puppies sniff out their mother and siblings in the whelping box. Now I am not suggesting you scent up a catnip mouse […]

Therapy Dogs at Crufts

Last weekend Krumble swapped her Scentwork Cape for her Therapy Dogs Nationwide Cape (TDN) and spent an exhausting 4 days at Crufts. Krumble has been a visiting Therapy Dog for over 4 years, following in the footsteps of our beloved Muppet. She regularly visits the Children’s Ward in the local hospital to provide comfort and […]

Cold Noses!

All dogs love to sniff, but have you ever noticed now much more intense they become on a cold frosty morning? Temperature and environment have a huge influence on the Scent Picure. Think back to physics 101, when molecules are heated they spread out and move quicker. When they are cooled, they come together and […]